10 October 2012

Grand Canyon Hike

I seem to be thinking lately in pictures instead of words, so I thought I'd give a recap of my Grand Canyon Hike in pictures.
Our GPS Tracks
Our Camper for the Weekend

We're so happy this early in the day.

The sign that say we SHOULD NOT be doing this hike in one day. What better reason to do it.

Taking a moment to soak it all in.

Soaking my feet and knee in the freezing water.

Couldn't have been a more welcome sign.

Getting towards goofy cause we're so tired.

We finished our hike right as the full moon was rising.

Happy to be out of that canyon.

Food tastes so much better after a 16.5 mile hike.

My victory pose the next morning.

09 October 2012

The Bigger Blue Test

I spent last Saturday in LA at a  shoot for The Big Blue Test commercial and it was fantastic. 

The Big Blue Test is a month-long program to encourage people to get active and test their blood sugars. 

To participate, between October 14 and November 15, test your blood sugars, get active for 14-20 minutes and test again. 

Then log on to BigBlueTest.org to share your experience. For every log-in Roche will donate $5 to give life-saving diabetes supplies to those who need them here at home and abroad.

During the shoot, everyone was doing a different activity. Some were running, others doing yoga. They even had a band led by a six-year-old drummer who rocked. 

I got the chance to do some tarp surfing which I've always wanted to do. 

They rolled out a huge blue tarp and pulled the corner of it to form a huge wave that we would ride skateboards through. 

It is probably the only time in my life I will be in a six foot tall, stand-up barrel. 

And I got the time to take a few photos, another one of my hobbies. It was great to have professional lighting and a real set to play with.

The last shot I was in was a group shot of the whole cast rounded out by Elliot Yamin. I don't think I've ever heard a sweeter voice in person. 

After a day filled with the noise of direction and background conversation, the set was quieted by the call of "Quiet on the set." They actually say that. I laughed to myself. 

And then Elliot started singing. Damn, he's good. And not the over-processed, only-good-'cause-he's-been-remastered kind of good. 

He's got a voice that makes me feel like I can no longer use the word "singing" when I talk about the squawking I do along in my car on the 5 freeway. 

He's also got some basketball skills to go along with the singing.

This year there is also the BIGger Blue Test and I am going to take this one on. For each 30 days in a row I will test, get active for 20 or more minutes, test again and post my results. 

Since getting better from the thyroid drama, I have yet to daily get back into exercise. I have made great strides forward in doing big workouts, but the daily discipline still isn't routine.

How are you planning to do THE BIG BLUE TEST this year??